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The bottom of the sleeve is passed over the top of the bolt until the threaded portion engages the self-threading top of the sleeve.  The sleeve is turned until the proper projection is obtained.  The entire assembly is cast into the concrete, with the top of the sleeve at foundation level.  When the anchor bolt is ready to adjust, the top of the sleeve is cut off, the top is discarded.  The blot may now be adjusted within the sleeve.  Expansion or non-shrinking grout is cast into the sleeve around the bolt when equipment is set.  Other applications are done in a similar fashion.

Step 1

Step 2

Screw Bolt Through Sleeve-Bottom
To Top of Thread Length Spec.

Step 3

Insert Sleeved Bolt into
Template.  Hand tighten nut 
to secure in place.
Step 4

Before installing equipment, cut out
top of sleeve.
Step 5

In response to your needs...

Wilson Anchor Bolt Sleeve now offers special bolt diameter  and length sizes.

When using the sleeve outdoors under freezing conditions, the sleeve must be sealed around the bolt to prevent moisture penetration.


Wilson Anchor Bolt Sleeves are available in your area through a national distribution system and manufacturer's representatives in the United States and Canada.

Less expensive than steel in-place forming. Contact nearest representative for price list.

All Wilson products are guaranteed to be free of defects in workmanship and material.Wilson will replace any sleeve that fails, if it should happen, after investigating the cause of failure.

U.S. Patent No. 3500607
Canadian Patent No. 889043

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